Text and editing


Mistakes happen easily, and range from the amusing to the downright disastrous. What they definitely are is unprofessional. But they can be avoided, and you get peace of mind into the bargain if your texts are professionally edited. Both my own translations and those delivered by colleagues are edited by a second reader, ensuring that important documents such as brochures or sales presentations are absolutely fault-free.

The editing process includes a content, spelling and grammar check as well as a style review, and in the case of translations the translated text is always checked against the source text.

You can decide whether corrections are added as comments in a PDF document, as Track Changes in a text document, listed in a separate document or simply overwritten in the text itself.

Text creation

Once word gets around that you translate and edit texts professionally, it doesn’t take long for the first assignments to arrive. That’s why my clients regularly ask me to produce customized brand communication texts for them: many years of translating experience mean that I am normally already familiar with their company, their products, and especially their preferred terminology. It’s a classic win-win deal: the client gets all the services they require from a single source, and I am delighted to work on an assignment that gets my creative juices flowing.