Whether you need a translation of a brief internal e-mail, the creation of a snappy blog text or software documentation that runs to several hundred pages, the same standard applies across the board: a smooth, elegant translation aligned to its target audience and featuring the right terminology.

To meet these requirements, I base my approach on certain key principles: I only translate into my native language, and I focus on my specialist areas of translation – for translations required on subjects that fall outside my own area of expertise, I enlist the services of qualified translators who I know and trust and who have the relevant expertise. For larger-scale projects or language combinations that I do not cover personally, I coordinate teams of translators in close consultation with my customers. This includes the use of professional tools, including a translation memory, and, of course, thorough research. On top of this, I enhance and update my professional skills by undertaking further training on an ongoing basis.

The above approach has formed the successful basis of my work to date, both for solo projects as well as joint assignments with different teams made up of fellow experienced translators and editors.

You are more than welcome to put my skills to the test before assigning your project. I am happy to perform a short test translation to persuade you to hire me. And of course the test translation is free of charge.